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All About Fast Computer Repair USA

Customers love us on Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and other review sites!  In fact, many of our customers come from word of mouth via family members, friends, and trusted associates.  We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service and perfect computer service possible.  This combination has allowed us to be touched by hundreds of happy customers since we opened our doors in 2000.  

Our personnel love the technology sector. This passion transfers over to a high level of dedication, satisfaction, and job happiness. For you it means a job well done – even in a high stress environment.
We are a professional computer service, computer consulting and computer repair firm. We are locally owned and operated. We provide quality computer service, computer consulting, computer repair, laptop repair and small business computer services.

We provide computer repair services to small business and home computer users (computer repair, laptop repair and network repair). We have the knowledge and resources to troubleshoot your network, repair your desktop computer or laptop computer, repair your notebook or any other Microsoft Windows based PC you own.

Our experience with fixing computers (Computer Repair, Laptop Repair and PC Repair) stretches back to 1991. Our computer repair client base experience includes the “computer user” at home to Fortune 500 regional and branch offices. The computer platforms (Computer Repair, Laptop Repair and PC Repair) worked on include basic Laptops to complex VPN, Mirrored Server Farms over private and public connections, secure legal servers, HIPPA compliant network installations and your average “Office Computer Connected to the Network”.
Computer Repair Hotline: 561-742-7514
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